September 16, 2009

Asian Style Pork Chops

These pork chops have become one of our favorite recipes and I use the marinade on many things.  It is excellent on the chops obviously, but really good on beef and chicken satays too!  Here is the basic process... really simple and so delicious.
1. Put a whole head of garlic and 3T of sugar in a mini chopper
2. Run until it has that "wet sand" look below.
3. Add 1/3C Asian fish sauce, 3T honey, 3T rice wine vinegar, 2T dark sesame oil, 1T fresh ginger, salt and pepper to taste. Then give it a stir to combine all the ingredients.
4.  I prefer T-Bone pork chops for this, but it works on any kind.  Pour the marinade over the chops in a dish or bag them in a big Ziploc bag if there aren't any bones to make holes in the plastic.
5.  I grill them over lump charcoal to get that good crust.  Just a note... since the sugar content on this marinade is higher than some, be prepared for the grill grates to get crusty too. 
6.  Plate up with your favorite sides.  We chose sticky rice, snap peas, and heirloom tomatoes.
The marinade is what this recipe is all about.  Be sure to try it on some flank or skirt or tri tip cut in thin strips and skewered... Mighty tasty!  Hope you enjoy it... 


  1. These look great... What is fish sauce?

    I have all the ingredients but that... Soy sauce instead maybe? I may make these this weekend

  2. You can usually find fish sauce with the Asian foods or an Asian market. Meijers carries it here. I have used soy sauce as a substitute and it works very well.

  3. ok, thanks...I have soy, so will sub... I am cheap you know


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