September 09, 2009

It Isn't Just Barbecue

It isn't just barbecue that makes me want to cook.  While we used to be happy with grilled chicken or a roast in the crock pot our culinary explorations over the past few years have led us to the unmistakable conclusion that there are finer things to eat than that.  It is true that this is largely a barbecue blog, but I think I would like to share a bit more.  I posted the Chicken Peperonata recipe awhile ago and now I think I would like to share another.  This was a meal that I prepared on one of those "Oh My God... How hot can it get?" days we have had here and it turned out to be one of the best things in recent memory.

We started with a cold soup as an appetizer.  

Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Goat Cheese

This was a fresh and fragrant cold soup on a hot day that had the sweetness of tomatoes at the peak of their flavor, a little creamy texture from the goat cheese, and the bite of a horseradish undertone.  Simply delicious and refreshing.

Then we moved to the main course.  Some wonderful Wild King Salmon from the local fish monger.

Grilled Salmon with Bell Peppers, Snap Peas, and Pesto

The flavors and textures made this a real keeper.  I think I was most impressed about how well the pesto paired with the fish.  The nuts, olive oil, and basil packed a lot of flavor in what I was, at first, thinking of as garnish.

Add some rice pilaf and the meal is complete.


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