October 01, 2009

Sometimes the Chicken is Committed

Y'all know the old story... The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.  Well, in this case, the chicken was too.

I was making a new dish with roasted chicken and mushrooms with creme fraiche.  One of my favorite things is roasted chicken-- done almost any way.  Crispy skin, succulent meat, fresh herbs, and a rich flavor that can only be had by slow roasting.  Adding shitake mushrooms and morels to creme fraiche, chicken stock, white wine, rosemary, and thyme completes this dish with fragrant notes and woody undertones.  Throw in a side of broccoli and dinner is done-- yeah, it is just steamed.

Well... almost.  I thought that an appetizer would be nice.  I was intrigued by a total chicken concept and decided to make something with an egg.  What kind of appetizer can one make from an egg?  Hmmm... various breakfast fare came to mind and none seemed appropriate.  I recalled an appetizer that was created by David Chang of Momofuku Ko that involved an egg, caviar, onions, and fresh made potato chips.  Sad to say, but I didn't have any caviar and wasn't going to make homemade potato chips, but I did have eggs, onions, kettle chips, and time.  So I made my variation on the masters theme.

Soft Cooked Egg and Onion Soubise with Potato Chip and Smoked Sea Salt

Pan Roasted Chicken with Morel and Shitake Mushrooms in Creme Fraiche Sauce


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