May 31, 2009

The love of my life had one of those special birthdays and I wanted to have a surprise party for her.  It worked and I didn’t have time to take the usual food porn shots, but that really wasn’t what this was about.

 In this case, the cookout was merely a nice backdrop for a small family reunion, a birthday, and good friends being the best they can be.  2 Sisters and 1 brother are separated by geographical challenges and this was a good reason to come together and share their lives for an afternoon.  We added in a half dozen or so friends, the best friends anyone could ask for, and before we knew it there was a small crowd.  The weather is always a challenge this time of year and, fortunately, Mother Nature was in full cooperation mode yesterday.  It was as if she knew this was a special day for us.  Rain clouds moved around us all day and the sun shone brightly on the afternoon.  While we were putting together a little barbecue buffet I listened to the friends and family share tales of this and that.  I can’t put into words what that did for me and I could tell from my wife’s response that her feelings were 10 fold.  Y’all were great!!  She loved seeing you on her special day.

 I know it can be hard for some to understand and I, like others, enjoy good barbecue, but this is why I enjoy making barbecue.  It brings us together.  We take a few hours out of our busy lives and just tell tales and share with our friends and families.  And it doesn’t have to be brisket that took days to make... grill some hot dogs and folks will do the same thing; kick thier shoes off and sit a spell!  It’s a wonderful thing—barbecue.  In this case the birthday was sufficient, but give my philosophy a whirl some Saturday, you might be surprised if you let the Que work its Juju. J

 In the end it was a great day, maybe the best day ever... My wife’s family made it in from out of town, her best friend strung up decorations all over the house, my best friends showed up to do several menial tasks and make some killer deviled eggs, I stashed food in their fridge too, I was able to cook all day in our kitchen while she was at work and not have the wife know I did such a thing (that’s pretty amazing since I clean like $#!+), and we surprised her!  It was great... I wish you could have been there!  Some of you should have been there... 


Here are a few pieces of food porn... just so y'all don’t think I am slipping.  :)

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