May 03, 2009

Derby Day 09

Well... Derby is over.  The rain has returned.  :)  Derby was muddy for the horses, but it turned out dry here.  No rain!   I was amazed. :)  That makes 3 years in a row that they have said "rain, rain, and more rain” and we got squat.  It’s ok by me... I am not complaining.  So... those of us that were here put on some warmer clothes, found our favorite beverage (not mint juleps-- see previous post), picked horses, ate some Q, told some tales, and laughed.  Which in these parts passes for Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.

Since Mrs. Juju and I started cooking on Thursday we are immensely glad that Sunday is going to be a lot less busy than the last few.  You can see the slide show above but let me tell you a few things anyway.  Sauce making, cookie baking, and butt rubbing aside the serious cooking began Saturday morning.  As is our custom there was a hickory smoked fatty, cat head biscuits, and bloody Mary’s for breakfast; a good start to any day.  Lunch was more of a “snack on this till the race is over” dealio.  We had chips and salsa, mixed nuts, rat cheese, fruit and dip, spinach dip, Armadillo Eggs stuffed with cream cheese, smoked sausage, and Louisville Wings with a mustardy sauce. (This recipe is straight out of BBQ USA and it is worth the cost of the book.)

All of us found our chairs and started to decide on which horse we thought would win the Derby.  Might I say we were all terribly wrong?  We did have one person who picked Mine That Bird and she… well… she was quite happy!  We were happy for her, but not as happy as we would have been if we had hit the trifecta.  What a race…

Dinner time was normal BBQ fare by description, but much bigger in taste.  Deviled Eggs, Cole Slaw, Tater Salad, The Best Q Beans, and Pulled Pork Sammiches. 2 sauces; a NC vinegar sauce I make and a sweet and sticky sauce most folks like.  I won’t go down the sauce road right now.

We ate… We drank… and We were merry.  It has been said more than once—BBQ is good friends sharing good times and good food.  I may be able to improve on the pork or the beans or the chicken wings… but it don’t get no better than this.

Happy Que

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