April 29, 2009

Green Ham

I had heard that a green ham was some of the best pork BBQ you could have-- so I had to give it a try.  This ham weighed in about 18 pounds.  I had read debates about skin on or skin off and since I was going to smoke it in the 225-250 range I decided that the skin wouldn't get crispy so I removed it.  It was good... but I have to admit I want to try it the other way for comparison. :)

It smoked for about 18 or 19 hours and it was pig pickin' good.
Pulled very easily and I had drawn a crowd by this time.
A few others brought some great side dishes and this was when the feast was about to begin.

I am going to do another this year... skin on this time and high heat at the end to get the cracklin's just right.

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