June 14, 2009

Clod... It's What's for Dinner!

Every year I do this cookout for some friends at work-- kind of an everyone bring a dish(all of them were delicious too) and I will make some Que thing. First time was yard bird, then I did some brisket, and last year fresh hams. What to do this year. Ah.... mmm.... let's do Clod! I like clod. The wife likes clod. Plus, everyone gets curious about what exactly a Texas Clod is—makes for some excitement.

In Kentucky, in years past at least, the problem has been getting a clod. The first time I asked for one they brought me out a 3.5 # chuck roast and it went something like this.

Me: "uh... no... I want the whole thing."

Him: "Man, those things are huge!"

Me: "Yes!! That's what I want."

Him: "let me trim one down."

Me: "no!!!!"

You can see how that went.

This time, same guy, I said I need a whole chuck and he brought me a 22# and a 27# chuck-- he is improving. Since I only had 10 adults and 4 kids I thought the 22# one would be just fine. So I brought it home and gave it a little rub. It smoked for about 17 hours and rested for about 6.

If you haven't had the pleasure of a nice clod; get one soon!!

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